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Tigriopus Californicus Reef Copepods
Tigriopus Californicus Reef Copepods

Tigriopus Californicus Reef Copepods

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The Tigriopus Californicus copepod or as we like to call them "Big Red" since we're from Texas is an amazing species of pod to add to your aquarium. These bright red colored copepods are rich in astaxanthin which will helps bring dull colored fish back to their naturally vibrant colors seen in the wild. These larger sized copepods (250-1500 microns) are an enticing meal to any fish due to their unique swim pattern, which screams eat me. If you have a fish that is picky eater these pods are a great choice. 

  • Package Size: 16 oz
  • Order: Harpacticoid Habitat: Benthic
  • Included life Stage: Egg, nauplii, copepodites, egg bearing females.
  • Short gestation period, female is capable of producing 300 offspring
  • Stimulating swim pattern elicits an intrinsic feeding response
  • Will feed on detritus 
  • 100% Aquacultured
  • 9 +/- 3 ind/mL

Diet Advantage: Excellent source of highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA), high in n-3 fatty acids, and astaxanthin. 

Reef Advantage: High fertility, short gestation period, high fecundity, resistant to parameter swings, consumes detritus.  Great for eliciting strong feeding responses in clownfish, anthias, seahorses, pipefish, wrasses, and picky fish.