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Reef Clarify

Reef Clarify

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Pod Your Reef's Reef Clarify is an amazing product for keeping your tank sparkling clear. Reef Clarify facilitates the removal of small particles that are suspended in the water causing unsightly appearances. Once a bond between Reef Clarify and those particles is achieved the reaction is safely removed out of the system through foam fractionation. This whole process is extremely fast-acting, requires very little product, and is inexpensive to dose daily. 

Reef Clarify parallels the same effects as fresh carbon. It aids in removing coloring compounds and distracting smells from your reef tank. A great alternative for applications where activated carbon cannot be used. 

  • Size 16 oz 
  • Dosage: 1 mL/30 gallons
  • Dosing: Frequency Daily
  • Storage: Room temperature, shake well before using
  • Effects: Initial clouding as Reef Clarify bonds to compounds, will dissipate as time progresses
  • Do not overdose